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  1. Try My Love Lyrics. Taste of the Mint. [Verse 1:] All I need is a positive lady in my life. I think it's you that I can't do without. And honey you'll see. What my actions are about. Honey you.
  2. Lyrics to 'Try My Love' by Shinehead. Luther Vandross Feat. Deidre "Spin" Roper of Salt-n-Pepa.
  3. Jan 01,  · One of my all time favorite singers. Patti Labelle calle Tata Vega an Original Diva of song! Try My Love showcases the the voice of one overlooked. The album her third is a musical journey. Just Keep Thinking About You Baby is one of my all time favorites off this album/5(9).
  4. Try My Love Lyrics: Ooh.. ah.. oh ah oh oh come on baby, just try my love.. / Hey, oh baby I know that you get down many times before And it seems it's like you're heading for one more.. no oh.
  5. "Try my love" is still one of her most sought after albums. This is one of my favorite albums still to listen to. She has released two other Gospel albums that are also just as good as her previous pop, R&B albums. As a music collector, Tata Vega will always be in my collection of just good music and an awesome vocalist/5(9).
  6. You'll never eva go back (never go back) If you try my love (try my looooove) I promise, You'll never eva go back (never go back) [Verse 2:] If it's loving that you want. Then girl I know what you need. So there ain't no use in wasting no time (no time) Cause in life you know sometimes.
  7. Try my love Try mine Try my love Try mine Try my love, baby Oh, darling I know love can be tragic But let me talk you out of givin' up I don't know no magic Baby, I'm only flesh and blood But I can hold you in my arms Squeeze you so tight You don't need to be lonely tonight Try my love, try it, baby Try mine Try my love Try mine Please try my.
  8. Try My Love is the debut album of Jeremy Jordan. The album peaked # in the Billboard charts and four singles were released, the most successful being "The Right Kind of Love". This would be the last studio album released by Jeremy Jordan by a major label.

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