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  1. Aug 06,  · Khmer Rouge, a radical communist movement that ruled Cambodia from to The movement came to power after a civil war allowed it to establish a government in Cambodia’s capital. While in power the Khmer Rouge was one of the most brutal Marxist governments in the 20th century, killing –2 million people.
  2. 1 day ago · election resembles polls that formed genocidal Sri Lanka [TamilNet, Friday, 07 August , GMT] The SLFP led by Srimao Bandaranaike replaced the British drafted Ceylon constitution doing away even the minimal and symbolic safeguards for external justice through the Privy Council of the United Kingdom. Enacting a unitary constitution without the democratic mandate of .
  3. Jul 24,  · Uyghur leader in UK: China’s persecution evolving into ‘more genocidal policy’ Rahima Mahmut tells an online Jewish News panel event with Maajid Nawaz, MP Nusrat Ghani and representatives.
  4. Jul 30,  · The reasoning behind this is actually quite clear. The fact is that Twitter top dogs hate Trump. They hate Trump above anything and everything else. Khamenei hates Trump as well. Consequently, Twitter is fine with Khamenei, genocidal anti-Semitism and all, but censors Trump. "Twitter defends blocking Trump tweets but not Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei," by Ebony.
  5. Jul 14,  · Yes, after Ataturk eliminated millions of Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians and other ethnic groups, after he rightfully earned the title of the first truly “genocidal” leader (the term “genocide” was first coined for his actions), then he established “peace” and “equality” in a “unified by violence” Turkey.
  6. Jul 30,  · Twitter Representative Admits to Flagging President Trump but Not Genocidal Leader of Iran. By Jim Hoft Published July 30, at pm Share on Facebook () Tweet Share Email sicilicumasletovaniridire.coinfo: Jim Hoft.
  7. Jul 30,  · A Twitter spokeswoman told a member of the Israeli parliament that censoring the tweets of President Trump is all well and good, but censoring the tweets of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has called for the genocide of the Israeli people, is not. The Twitter spokesperson argued that Twitter had not flagged Khameini’s tweets […].
  8. Conviction of Genocidal Leaders in Cambodia Is Better Late Than Never. Dec 12th, 2 min read. Commentary By. Olivia Enos. Senior Policy Analyst, Asian Studies Center. Jacob Ford.

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