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  1. Jesus’ teaching about hell was both frightening and fair. Punishment in hell is eternal – there is no release after a period of torment because it also involves eternal destruction. However, the amount of torment is proportional to the amount of sin and guilt, because the person who did what they knew God had forbidden was considered more.
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  3. O ne of the more popular arguments attempting to prove the mortality of Satan and his demons is based on a belief that because human beings and spirit being are both “tormented” by God’s final judgment, the judgment they receive must be the same. Therefore, because Jesus gave a parable involving a rich man being tormented by the knowledge.
  4. The Kingdom of God is spiritual, permanent, whereas human beings are temporary. When Jesus returns, the beast and false prophet will be cast into the lake of fire (Revelation ). Revelation does not say they burn for all eternity; it says the smoke of their torment ascends “forever.” Smoke keeps going up as long as a fire is.
  5. Feb 02,  · The Bible is clear that SOME will suffer eternal conscious torment--Satan and his evil angels, the Antichrist, the False Prophet and all those who take the Mark of the Beast. Their sin is obviously eternal (since it was committed, in the main, by immortal beings--I believe the Mark of the Beast will confer a type of immortality) in its impact.
  6. Unfortunately he assumes that eternal conscious torment in hell is the Biblical penalty. It is not. "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Romans Is eternal torment an effective deterrent of evil?
  7. Jan 02,  · We’ve covered quite a bit so far in our discussion on Hell. We looked at every time the word “Hell” is mentioned in scripture (and discovered it basically isn’t ever) and then we looked at every passage seeming to suggest eternal torment (and found how poorly we understand stuff that wasn’t written to us). But [ ].
  8. Eternal conscious torment is immoral by nature; To accuse God of enacting eternal conscious torment would make God immoral. Therefore, eternal conscious torment is not true, since God is not immoral. The problem with this line of reasoning begins with the first premise. To say that eternal conscious torment is immoral by nature is an opinion.
  9. Preachers who have to use fear of "eternal punishment" to move people to come to the altar, and Christians who need the doctrine of "eternal punishment" to keep them from falling into sin or to motivate them to evangelism and prayer, sadly reveal their lack of true relationship with the God whose love casts out fear because fear has torment.

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