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  1. Lesslie Newbigin: Looking Forward in Retrospect. Second, he analyses Newbigin’s contribution to a re-focusing of apologetics and their relocation in the narrative of the gospel itself. Finally, he assesses the on-going contribution of Newbigin’s contention that the gospel is ‘public truth’. “The Other Side of Medieval.
  2. [There’s a German version of this text.]. A retrospective is an opportunity to learn and improve. It is time set aside – outside of day-to-day routine – to reflect on past events and behaviors.
  3. George Orwell was Wrong. George Orwell's loomed over my childhood. Years prior to the prevalence of futuristic fiction portraying post-nuclear wastelands, seemed the most horrifying future possible, one of complete regimentation, hypocrisy, cruelty and the denial of human dignity. While schoolteachers assigned presumably to give us an impression of what life was like under.
  4. The prevailing, clinical view of schizophrenia, as reflected in the psychiatric literature, suggests both that people with schizophrenia have lost their sense of self and that they have a diminished capacity to create coherent narratives about their own lives. Drawing on our empirical research in the growing area of recovery, we describe not only the disruptions and discontinuities introduced.
  5. Retrospect ALAN DUNDES In , Russian folklorist Vladimir Propp published his pathbreaking Morphology of the Folktale in a limited printing of only copies (Bravo ). In his Morphology, Propp delineated a syntagmatic sequence of thirty-one functions which he claimed defined the Russian fairy tale (Aarne-Thompson tale types ).
  6. The Principles and Practice of Narrative Medicine. New York: Oxford University Press, , in press. Charon R. In Retrospect, Immortality: Death, Phenomenology, Ethics, and Henry James. The Henry James Review, in press. Charon R. The great glazed tank of .
  7. By Kori Morgan Written using past-tense, first-person narration, a retrospective narrative is told from the point of view of a character looking back on past events. The character narrating the.
  8. retrospect. Healsorejects,inausefulway,the Znaniecki () used hundreds of more or less storied letters and other life documents narrative is present in myth, legend, fable, tale.
  9. In Retrospect: Review of Heidi Grundmann, Art Telecommunication. Vancouver: Western Front; Vienna: BLIX, P ublished in , long before the social-media infused infosphere became a part of everyday life, Art Telecommunication, with its multi-lingual text, conceptual black and white and shades of gray images, and its combination of artist's statements, original documentation, and the.

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